Jennus Innovation is a business development accelerator that helps passionate entrepreneurs get to market faster and smarter. We are a team of experienced professionals with outstanding career track records who have a vast network of contacts in the business community, and want to help you to succeed.  We are not a typical accelerator - we get into the weeds and get our hands dirty and we partner for the long term, to make your venture a success.

Jennus helps start-ups develop the right go-to-market plan and competitive differentiation, create financial strategies and budgets, assemble the right team and board, forge the right professional relationships, and form breakthrough strategic partnerships- all through intensely analytical approaches.

We are a team of six with a very unique mix of experiences - ranging from multiple Fortune 500 Board seats to CFO & Wall Street experience to Intellectual Property development to expert market and customer research - feel free to reach out to anyone on our team for additional information.

"Partnering with Jennus Innovation was one of the most impactful decisions we've made."